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Phi Phi Tours & Things To Do 

Apart from eating & drinking, there is a good choice of activities for the more active of you.  Try a boat tour, diving, snorkeling, cliff jumping, swim with the sharks or the plankton, or do a jungle tour! 

Longtails and speed boats, shrimp boats and big boats run frequently to Phi Phi Ley Island, where the snorkeling is great, if not too busy. The island itself is a gem, and worth a visit whatever your means of transport are.

These activities or businesses are recommended for their professionalism and dedication to quality.

Maya Bay Sleep Aboard (Formerly Maya Bay Camping)
Camping on Maya Bay is no longer an option due to National Park regulations, but don't worry, the same great crew and idea is still there!  Do the same Maya Bay Camping Tour only sleep on a specially made boat in the bay. Enjoy an experience of a lifetime!

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Maya Bay Camping and Sleep


The Ultimate Water Sports Experience

The Ultimate Phi Phi Watersports Experience
Wakeboarding, Water skiing, Knee boarding, Shark Watching, Fruit Eating, Snorkeling, Maya Bay Looking, Sunset Watching, FREE BEER drinking, Monkey Feeding, Paddle Boarding, Tubing, and loads more.
Very Highly Recommended!

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wakeboard, waterski, kneeboard


Original P.P. Sunset Tour
Departing everyday from 1pm until after sunset, this trip has been the highlight of many peoples visit to Phi Phi!  Big double deck boat with kayaks, snorkeling gear, tubes and a great crew!  Visit all the best spots on Phi Phi and Phi Phi Ley including a sunset from Maya Bay!

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Original Phi Phi Sunset Trip


Bob's Sailing Booze Cruise
This party boat includes Monkey Beach, Pi-Leh Bay, Loh Samah Bay, Maya Bay "The Beach", Cliff Jumping, Fishing, Snorkeling, Viking Cave, Sunset inside Wang Long Cove, Lunch, Fruit, Snacks & UNLIMITED FREE BEER!

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Canadian Captain Bob's Booze Cruise


Phi Phi Party Crew

The Phi Phi Party Crew are a group of young spunky people with years of touring and partying experience on Phi Phi. They've utilized private beaches, bars, longtail boats, speedboats, tour boats, yachts and even ferries to make sure people never forget one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The Shangri La is Phi Phi's Luxury party yacht!

Contact Us to book some fun in the sun!

Phi Phi Party Crew aboard the Shangri-La


Sunset Plankton Tours
Visit Phi Ley Bay, Viking Cave, Loh Samah and then a BBQ dinner at Maya Bay. After the sun sets, when the other boats are gone, jump in the water and swim with the plankton as your body and sea plays with the bioluminescence and sparks literally jump off you!

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t Maya Bay


Longtail  1/2 Day or Full Day or Private rental
No holiday to Thailand would be complete without a ride on a Longtail!  These sturdy boats are so named because the prop sits at the end of a long shaft that extends out behind the boat, like a tail.
Group tours and private longtails can be rented for either a 3 hour tour or 6 hour tour.

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Phi Phi longtail boat


Speedboats, big boats & shrimp boats, fishing, sailing, booze cruising, cliff jumping, hammock chillin, bird watching...whatever...We have it all!

Other Tours


Krabi Tours
Krabi is not just a place to sit and wait for the boats to Phi Phi, it's an adventure!

Elephant Trekking, 4 Islands Tours, kayaking, canoeing, fishing and explore sea caves!

Contact Krabi Natureview
Krabi Nature View


1-Day Phuket to Phi Phi Tour

Pick-up and transfer to/from hotel in Phuket to a high-speed ferry for a day cruise around the Phi Phi Islands. Swimming & snorkeling at Maya Bay, see the monkeys on Monkey Beach and do some sightseeing around Phi Phi Lay, Pi-Leh Bay, Loh Samah, the Bida's & Viking Cave

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Phuket Phi Phi Islands Tour


Phi Phi offers an array of green tourist options as well, trekking, kayaking and sailing are popular choices, with an array of diverse environments to explore. Walking uses no fossil fuels and is the ideal way to view Phi Phi up close.

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