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Koh Lipe Island

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Weather on Phi Phi?

Weather on Phi PhiWeather on Phi Phi remains fairly constant throughout the year, HOT, with a few months during the Low-Season that has scattered rain, but it's usually hot.

Located between the big island of 普吉岛 and mainland 甲米 province, technically making Phi Phi a 甲米 Island, she gets sheltered from major storms that come in from these places and are broken up by the open seas.

Weather on Koh Phi Phi varies from season to season, some rain and storms from April through September, but never fear, Phi Phi rains start fast and are usually gone as soon as they started. Occasionally, you will get full days of solid rain but that isn't very normal during the peak season.

weather on Phi PhiThe average temperatures on Phi Phi is about 28 degrees celsius give or take 2-3 degrees. So no matter what time you visit, it's usually very comfortable.

The weather from April to June is the hottest times to visit, with April being the hottest with average temps around 29.

May thru October is considered the Low-Season or rainy season, some refer to is as Monsoon season, but that term tends to sound scary, so we don't say it. It just sometimes rains a lot. It rains19 days per month on average during this time. November to April sees about 5 days on average of rain per month.

Weather on Koh Phi Phi:

  • Avg. Temp. year-round: 28 degrees celsius
  • Hottest month: April
  • Rainy season: April - October
  • Best weather: November - February
  • Avg. rainfall during rainy season (mm): 230/month
  • Avg. rainfall during dry season (mm): 57/month


So when should you visit?

If you are coming to Phi Phi during peak season (November through February) it is highly recommended to reserve a room a few months in advance. If you just show up on this island and expect to find a decent room then you will probably be sorely disappointed.
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